Sunday, June 11, 2006

Round-up of the Cup of Life

Game 48
France vs. Togo
France won 2-0
Goals (Fra: Vieira-1, Henry-1)

Game 47
South Korea vs. Switzerland
Switzerland won 2-0
Goals (Sui: Senderos-1, Frei-1)

Game 46
Spain vs. Saudi Arabia
Spain won 1-0
Goals (Esp: Juanito-1)

Game 45
Ukraine vs. Tunisia

Ukraine won 1-0
Goals (Shevchenko-1)

14 days goals in the day, it getting better each day. Ronaldo has become the joint top-scorer in all World Cups. Bravo Ronaldo!!
Game 44
Australia vs. Croatia
Australia drew with Croatia 2-2
Goals (Aus: Moore-1, Kewell-1) (Cro: Srna-1, Kovac-1)

Game 43
Brazil vs. Japan
Brazil won 4-1
Goals (Bra: Ronaldo-2, Juninho-1, Gilberto-1) (Jpn: Tamada-1)

Game 42
Ghana vs. USA
Ghana won 2-1
Goals (Gha: Draman-1, Appiah-1) (USA: Dempsey-1)

Game 41
Italy vs. Czech Republic
Italy won 2-0
Goals (Ita: Materazzi-1, Inzaghi-1)

Game 40
Argentina vs. Netherlands
Argentina drew with Netherlands 0-0

Game 39
Ivory Coast vs. Serbia & Montenegro
Ivory Coast won 3-2
Goals (Civ: Didane-2, Kalou-1) (Scg: Zigic-1, Ilic-1)

Game 38
Portugal vs. Mexico
Portugal won 2-1
Goals (Por: Maniche-1, Sabrosa-1) (Mex: Fonseca-1)

Game 37
Iran vs. Angola
Iran drew with Angola 1-1
Goals (Irn: Bakhtiarizadeh-1) (Ang: Flavio-1)

Awesome day with 12 goals scored including WC's 2000th goal
Game 36
England vs. Sweden
England drew with Sweden 2-2
Goals (Eng: JCole-1, Gerrard-1) (Swe: Allback-1[FIFA's 2000th goal], Larsson-1)

Game 35
Paraguay vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Parguay won 2-0
Goals (Par: Sancho(OG)-1, Cuevas-1)

Game 34
Poland vs. Costa Rica
Poland won 2-1
Goals (Pol: Bosacki-2) (Crc: Gomez-1)

Game 33
Germany vs. Ecuador
Germany won 3-0
Goals (Ger: Klose-2, Podolski-1)

Game 32
Spain vs. Tunisia
Spain won 3-1
Goals (Esp: Raul-1, Torres-2) (Tun: Mnari-1)

Game 31
Ukraine vs. Saudi Arabia
Ukraine won 4-0
Goals (Ukr: Rusol-1, Rebrov-1, Shevchenko-1, Kalinichenko-1)

Game 30
Switzerland vs. Togo
Switzerland won 2-0
Goals (Sui: Frei-1, Barnetta-1)

France when was the last time you won!!
Game 29
France vs. South Korea
France drew with South Korea 1-1
Goals (Fra: Henry-1) (Kor: Park-1)

Game 28
Brazil vs. Australia
Brazil won 2-0
Goals (Bra: Adriano-1, Fred-1)

Game 27
Japan vs. Croatia
Japan drew with Croatia 0-0

Game 26
Italy vs. USA
Italy drew with USA 1-1
Goals (Ita: Gilardino-1) (USA: Zaccardo(OG)-1)

Ghana on song!!An upset huh!!
Game 25
Ghana vs. Czech Republic
Ghana won 2-0
Goals (Gha: Gyan-1, Muntari-1)

Game 24
Portugal vs. Iran
Portugal won 2-0
Goals (Por: Deco-1, Ronaldo-1)

Game 23
Mexico vs. Angola
Mexico drew with Angola 0-0

Game 22
Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast
Nertherlands won 2-1
Goals (Ned: Van Persie-1, Van Nistelrooij-1) (Civ: Kone-1)

Game 21
Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro
Argentina won 6-0
Goals (Arg: Rodriguez-2, Cambiasso-1, Crespo-1, Tevez-1, Messi-1)

Game 20
Sweden vs. Paraguay
Sweden won 1-0 Goals
(Swe: Ljungberg-1)

Game 19
England vs. Trinidad & Tobago
England won 2-0 Goals
(Eng: Crouch-1, Gerrard-1)

Game 18
Ecuador vs. Costa Rica
Ecuador won 3-0 Goals
(Ecu: Tenorio-1, Delgado-1, Kaviedes-1)

Game 17
Germany vs. Poland
Germany won 1-0
Goals (Ger: Neuville-1)

Game 16
Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia
Tunisia drew with Saudi Arabia 2-2
Goals (Tun: Jaziri-1, Jaidi-1) (Ksa: Al Kahtani-1, Al Jaber-1)

Game 15
Spain vs. Ukraine
Spain won 4-0
Goals (Esp: Alonso-1, Villa-2, Torres-1)

It's getting hot out there. Woof!!
Game 14
Brasil vs. Croatia
Brasil won 1-0
Goals (Bra: Kaka-1)

Game 13
France vs. Switzerland
France drew with Switzerland 0-0

Game 12
South Korea vs. Togo
South Korea won 2-1
Goals (Kor: Chun Lee-1, Hwan Ahn-1) (Tog: Mohamed Kader-1)

Results on a platter. Goals and more Goals. Yippie!!
Game 11
Italy vs. Ghana
Italy won 2-0
Goals (Pirlo-1, Iaquinta-1)

Game 10
Czech Republic vs. USA
Czech Republic won 3-0
Goals (Cze: Koller-1, Rosicky-2)

Game 9
Australia vs. Japan
Australia won 3-1
Goals (Aus: Cahill-2, Aloisi-1) (Jpn: Nakamura-1)

Game 8
Portugal vs. Angola
Portugal won 1-0
Goals (Por: Pauleta-1)

Game 7
Mexico vs. Iran
Mexico won 3-1
Goals (Mex: Bravo-2, Zinha-1) (Irn: Golmohammadi-1)

Game 6
Netherlands vs. Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands won 1-0
Goals (Robben -1)

Game 5
Argentina vs. Côte d'Ivoire
Argentina won 2-1
Goals (Arg: Crespo-1, Saviola-1) (Civ: Drogba-1)

Game 4
Sweden vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden drew with Trinidad & Tobago 0-0

Game 3
England vs. Paraguay
England won 1-0
Goals (Eng: Gamarra (OG)-1)

Game 2
Poland vs. Ecuador
Ecuador won 2-0
Goals (Ecu: Tenario-1, Delgado-1)

Game 1
Germany vs. Costa Rica
Germany won 4-2
Goals (Ger: Klose-2, Lahm-1, Fringes-1) (Crc: Wanchope-2)

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Anonymous Akash said...

Watch out for Italy's game. I feel they are going to win this World Cup.

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Jane said...

Just 17 matched up & we have an amazing 40 goals.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

France is playing boring soccer

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brazil is peaking at the right time.

11:25 PM  

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